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In the month of February Ducati had to produce 250 bike with carbon parts. There were problems on supplier of mine of carbon parts and arrived pieces only to realize 100 motorcycle. We lost the sale of 150 motorcycles that will be generate a lost of 1.400.000€.
The supplier problems were: breaking the oven (which caused 8 days of a block production) and breking of the waterjet (which caused 3 days of a block production), all at the beginning of the month.
I work immediately to find a new supplier support, but the product is manually processed, and the new supplier will not be able to provide the first pieces before the 06th of March.
I'm really sorry for the big problem, we will charge to the supplier the 75% of the motorcycles incomplete costs, and we will have a 3% discount on supplies of March. Also the supplier will provide the 150 missing kits before the 19th of March.
Finally, the new supplier, will be able to provide production support from the 14th of March.

Making Amends by Lorenzo GovoniLorenzo Govoni, 03 Mar 2008 09:14
After the end?
Lorenzo GovoniLorenzo Govoni 02 Mar 2008 14:30
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I'd like to know if after the end of the English course we could use this site or not

After the end? by Lorenzo GovoniLorenzo Govoni, 02 Mar 2008 14:30

In the three articles we can see a similar thing: the time required for negotiations.
In the three countries we need many time to realize a negotiation. The difference is what is done in this time.
First for all we can see negotitions in India, you must bargain all. One of the more important rule is: try for 70% off, don’t accept less than 30%. This it’s really important because you must have a big patience in the negotiation, and many many time.
In Brasil, the most important thing it’s the human relations. Every negotiations start with a familiar information, and you must have a friendly, almost family relation with the other people.
In China all negotiation need many time. This because their culture it’s no fast, and they are more indirect than Americans.
We could see some different between American and China negotiation: Americans are aggressive and some time impersonal, China are indirect and many time inefficient, because you lose many time for a negotiation then not conclude anything.

Negotiation by Lorenzo GovoniLorenzo Govoni, 18 Feb 2008 11:22

I think that what he says it's correct and they are essential to have a perfect business relation.
I'm a receptionst and I'm not establish a very relationship with our customers because I do like a intemediary, however I have to answer at the telephone in a correct way, with a brillant pitch and I have to do helpful.
So I think that these reccomandations are useful any jobs you do.


Re: Reach Out and Network by GIORGIAGIORGIA, 30 Jan 2008 14:38

I think C.B. recommendations are very nice and very usefull for everyone likes meeting new friends-people but also for who need to keep good work relationships.
My work consists in take care of customs by telephone so I usually meet people talking without a direct contact.
For my way to related with other people is very spontaneous apply the last one of Brogan's recomandations.
With customs i try to have friendly conversations and i think them as friends and collegues and the same time.
I think it could help to work better and have fun while we're working.
Unfortunately i have not too much free time in this period of my life to socialize.

Re: Reach Out and Network by dianagrandidianagrandi, 28 Jan 2008 11:13

I agree with him for most of its suggestions or hints.
Humans are social "animals" and tend to stay in groups or feel the need to be part of a community.
Some people can choose also to act as "bears" or hermits and prefer to live in a more lonely way concentrating on themself (…but among animals the habit is to isolate sick member of the herd).
Putting apart the social aspects and considering the job implications, I think it is extremely important to have the widest contacts possible with other people.
I meet many new people for business every week and it is always interesting to interact with them, exchange ideas, point of views. It is something that for sure makes me grow every day.
It is important to provide every time new feed back to you business partner and try to always keep the "light on" in the existing discussion if you want to a relevant cooperation.
Personally, I try to establish, every time I find it possible, an empathy with my correspondent.
Sometimes I like to have an emotional exhange, in a certain way.
Of course, being clear, easy, immediate and most of all fair are some of my musts when I interact with other people both in the business field as well as in the everyday life.

Re: Reach Out and Network by Bruno TestaBruno Testa, 27 Jan 2008 18:55

Read Reach Out and Network.

What do you think about the author, Chris Brogan's recommendations for networking?
Do you think about networking as part of your job?
Do you meet new people often for your job?
How many of Brogan's suggestions do you already do? How many might be helpful to you, if any?

Reach Out and Network by hornbakehornbake, 23 Jan 2008 18:49
Re: Welcome
TolTol 21 Jan 2008 15:59
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Thanks for you invitation!

Re: Welcome by TolTol, 21 Jan 2008 15:59
hornbakehornbake 11 Dec 2007 16:17
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welcome to the business english forum!

Welcome by hornbakehornbake, 11 Dec 2007 16:17
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