Course Guidelines

Course Guidelines:
The material and assignments for the course are subject to change at the professor's discretion. The most current information will be posted on the course website.

Students are expected to participate in all the classes and assignments. Participation means more than simply attending the class and completing assignments — active involvement is required. Ask questions, try out the new words you have learned, speak as much as possible!

Attendance is mandatory and is recorded in the class register. If you are unable to attend a class, please send me an email.

This is a technology intensive course. We will use the course website as a point of departure for nearly all our work. Skype will be central to our practice. Sometimes there will be technical problems; it is inevitable. If you encounter a problem or difficulty, email me immediately with as much detail of the problem as possible. Try using a different computer. If you are at work, ask your technical staff to help you. I expect you to make every effort to complete assignments.

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