Community for Language Learners

The Web 2.0 phenomenon is all about social networking and communities. These sites are for language learners who want to connect to others, to use community as a part of learning. This can be particularly helpful if you want to find speaking partners. All require registration, but are free.

LiveMocha — a highly recommended language course site plus community. Connects learners all over the world as language partners for chat, messaging, etc.
Busuu — a very nice site for basic situational language. Lessons go from vocabulary, reading, writing, and then talking with others.
Italki — recommended language networking, but with no lessons. Good for speaking partners. Connects learners all over the world via Skype, chat, etc.
Kantalk — another excellent way to connect to other learners. Organized by topic, discussion of set questions with other learners online at the moment.

For a review of various services available see Michele Gallen's e-learning blog.

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