Class 6

How to Complain


Case Study: Mel Gibson
Learning Damage Control, the Hard Way
July 30

Mel Gibson Interview

Jet Blue flight cancellations

What do you think makes the most effective apology?
What are important elements for you when someone apologizes?
How is the best way to apologize? When is it acceptable to email an apology?

Grammar note:
The Grammar of Regret

PR Techniques:
Mistakes were made
Bad Apples Excuse

Cultural and Diplomatic Gaffes
What is going on in these blunders?
What could have been done to avoid them?
What do you recommend to the companies involved to regain their reputations?

Apology Letters:
Analysis of apology letter
Sample apology letter

Complaint / Apology activity:
Working in pairs, develop a scene in which one of you makes a complaint and the other responds. Decide what techniques you want to use together using today's discussion.

Further Reading:
Making Amends

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